Improving the value & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers.

South West Blue Gum Tour - 2015
SEPWA took a group of farmers over to the Great Southern to look at the blue gum removal techniques in the region.

Geoff Rolland of Albany Plantation Forest Company (APFL) was our first guide who took us to Wellstead where the farmer, Shane, was currently supervising the removal of blue gums. His trees were profitable and were therefore being removed by a processing head, allowing the trees to be stripped of bark and cut to 3m lengths ready to…

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South East Asia Tour - 2015
A presentation was made to Interflour in Singapore, in recognition of their support of SEPWA's Trials Program

Sixteen SEPWA Executive Committee and staff visited Platinum Sponsor, Interflour in Singapore and Vietnam at the beginning of August. The delegation focussed primarily on looking at Interflour’s performance and growth strategy but also on acknowledging Interflours’ significant contribution to SEPWA since 2009.

Interflours’ sponsorship…

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