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Upcoming Events

Grass Patch Winter Field Walk
Tuesday 20 August 2019, 12:30 - 17:30

12-30 – 5.30 pm (followed by sundowner)

12.30 Start      Leaving from Ron Longbottom’s shed, Swan Lagoon Road

1st stop            DPIRD Break Crop Trial, just west of the intersection between Syndicate Rd and Swan Lagoon Rd (DPIRD)

2nd stop           Michael Ietto’s, corner of Sime Rd & the Highway - SEPWA canola variety trial (Greg Warren) and DPIRD Time of Sowing canola trial (Jackie Bucat)

3rd stop            Graham Perks, east Grass Patch farm, Kent’s Road - Lentil trial site (DPIRD)

4th stop            Graham Perks, east Grass Patch farm - SEPWA Wheat Trial (Aidan Sinnott)

5th stop            Leon and Vern Guest, Logans Road - SEPWA Barley trial (Aidan Sinnott)

6th stop            Leon and Vern Guest, Logan’s Road - F&G Lentil Herbicide Trial (Greg Warren)

7th stop            Ron Longbottom’s Shed, Swan Lagoon Road - Sundowner

Your Input

We encourage farmers and event organisers to use this site and if you would like to promote a day or reserve a date for an event in the Esperance Port Zone, please email the Executive Officer with the details.


Upcoming Events

What's New in Tax - Webinar
05 Jun @ 10:00AM - 11:00AM

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