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Grain Legume Rhizobium Workshop
Thursday 11 March 2021, 14:00 - 17:00
The Grain Legume Rhizobium Workshop, run by SEPWA, PASE and ASHEEP, is on March 11 from 2-5pm at the Esperance Bay Yacht Club, followed by a sundowner.


Welcome – Scott Wandel (PASE President, SEPWA Executive Committee)

What do we want to leave today knowing more about? – Michelle Handley 

Understanding Rhizobia and Nodulation (Ron Yates CRS/DPIRD) 

The presentation will include what’s good nodulation and how to improve nodulation, implications of nodule size and are they working, and optimal soil heath conditions including pH levels.

-              What are rhizobia?

-              Specificity of rhizobia

-              What is nodulation and biological nitrogen fixation (BNF)?

-              What is detrimental to rhizobia?

-              Inoculants and inoculation of legumes in Australia

-              Activities at the Centre for Rhizobium Studies (CRS), Murdoch University



Do’s and don’ts of legume inoculation (Chris Poole, CRS) 

The presentation will include what inoculum choices offer to growers (efficacy and ease of application)

-              Inoculation in practice (efficiency and ease)

-              Accessing the effects of herbicides application on agricultural legumes

-             acid soil tolerance and desiccation rhizobial studies  


Rotational benefits of grain legumes (Mark Seymour, DPIRD) 

The presentation will include expected N carry over from a range of different legumes to subsequent cereal crops, does the crop require added fertiliser N and is there higher yields and protein.

-              Cereal yield comparisons from plus or minus legume residue?

-              Break crop benefits

-              N efficiency analysis

-              Opportunity/profit analysis


Q&A Panel Discussion – Scott Wandel 


Review of the Day – Michelle Handley 


Thank you and closing – Mark Walter (ASHEEP President) 



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Upcoming Events

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