Improving the value & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers.
Finance and Governance (Sub-committee)
Greg Curnow (Chair), Dan Sanderson, Dave Cox, Scott Wandel, Lyndon Mickel

The main responsibilities of the sub committee are: compliance, OHS, SEPWA structure, EO and board review.

SEPWA Ladies Committee (Sub-committee)
Marcella Roberts (Chair) Angela Hill, Michelle Barrett, Anna-Lisa Newman, Courtney Rose, Tara De Landgrafft, Tara Vermeersch, Sam Stubna. 

Mission of SEPWA Ladies committee is to: Celebrate the role of women in agriculture by bringing them together to share information.

Trials (Sub-committee)
Luke Marquis (Chair), Gary Walter, Con Murphy, Dan Sanderson, Andrew Chambers, Craig Newman, Sam Guest, Murray Ayers.

The Trials Sub committee along with the Trials officer is responsible for determining the location of trials, sources of seed, maintenance of the weigh trailer and developing ideas for new trials.

Events (Sub-committee)

Greg Curnow, Scott Wandel, Chris Reichstein (Chair) and Andrew Chambers

The Events Sub committee is responsible for providing ideas and support for events such as Harvest Debrief, Annual General Meeting, Annual Grain Growers' Dinner, sponsors' hospitality evenings, tours, EDRS and other local field days.

Esperance Farm Office Management Group (E-FOM) (Sub-committee)
Tara Vermeersch (Chair),  Michelle Barrett, Hayley Wandel, Sue Stead

E-FOM aims to support SEPWA members in the Esperance Port Zone to better manage their farm offices. It was set-up in 2013 by Tara Vermeersch and Katie Gray.