Improving the value & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers.

Nils Blumann - Gibson
Renovating soils for the next generation

Nils and Penny Blumann, Olimarena, Gibson

Operation at a glance

Area: 4000ha
Annual rainfall: 570mm, 20km from the coast
Soil types: variable sands – ranging from deep sand, to sand over gravel, and sand over gravel over clay

1956 Acquired Olimarena, 800ha virgin block at Gibson
1960s A decade of mainly livestock production with excellent annual pasture production.
1970s Cropping at Scaddan. A decade…

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The Schutz family - North DalyupTrevor and Marie Schutz have been feeling their way with claying and ploughing techniques to combat increasing non-wetting issues on their sandy country. So far yields have doubled on the areas they have worked on.

Feeling their way with clay

Banksia Park

North Dalyup
Area: 4900 ha (over five locations)
Soil types: everything from heavy clays through to deep sands
Livestock: currently around 25% of operation is livestock consisting of 3500 grown…

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The Mickel Family - Beaumont

Delving solves a multitude of soil issues

Ian and Veronica Mickel farm in partnership with their son Lyndon and his wife Nikki on properties at Condingup and Beaumont. The Mickels own 2000ha at Condindup, 80km east of Esperance, and a further 4000ha another 60km further north, with soils on the two blocks ranging from deep sand plain to a sandy gravel over clay, and loamy duplex sand running through to heavy red clays.

It was in the mid 1980’s…

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