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Internet Trial - Lort River and Cascade

Thanks to funding from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Esperance Shire and Goldfields- Esperance Regional Development SEPWA implemented a 90-day trial of a private date network. With in-kind support from Cascade Grains and CBH, 2 mobile phone network style base stations will be installed on the elevator towers at Cascade Grains and Lort River CBH.

The base stations used the same technology as mobile phones for data transfer. Each trail participant was provided with a special 4G type receiver to then connect to their device via a local Wi-Fi hotspot. The backhaul from the base stations was provided by Optus satellite which via a commercial grade satellite connection.

Over the period of October till January 2018 participants used the data network with unlimited data allowances in both mobile vehicle and house installed receivers. SEPWA will be assessing the networks performance in terms of coverage across the landscape, reliably and user behaviour for the duration of the trial.

The findings of this trial will inform the WA state government of the success of this type of internet connection in the agricultural region of WA.

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