Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

Value Added Pulses

Ends June 30, 2019

This study investigated further processing and packaging of Esperance pulses for export in containers.

Esperance Quality Grains (EQG) has been successfully exporting containerised pulses since May last year. In 12 months, more than 600 containers have been shipped direct from Esperance, comprising over 7,000 tonnes of cleaned and graded pulses. For Esperance growers, this has provided the opportunity to continue to increase market share to such countries as China, the Indian subcontinent, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East through direct access from our port.

To continue to meet identified market needs, EQG is aiming to address the problem of the quality of Esperance pulses and to capitalise on the opportunity to expand the reach of the pulses in the global market. If overseas customers are dissatisfied with Esperance grain quality, they will quickly turn away, therefore cleaning and grading is important, to maintain traction and growth in the expanding markets amid the increasing desire for more protein from the world’s rapidly growing population.

The pre-feasibility study was conducted by Whitney Consulting to investigate the cost benefits of upgrading cleaning and sorting facilities at EQG and packaging and marketing them, possibly into 25kg and 50kg bags.

The report will support EQG in taking the next step in further developing and consolidating its business to the benefit of pulse growers in the region. Growers are eager to find a profitable and sustainable solution to recent declining cereal protein levels through the adoption of more legumes in their crop rotation. Until last year, pulses (peas) have been seen by many as the least profitable crop.

Two grower groups received the funding to explore opportunities in the premium and value added grain space as part of an initiative between DPIRD’s Food Industry Innovation project and the Grower Group Alliance.

The initiative aims to help grower groups and grower group members investigate and realise premium grain food or beverage products in WA to expand the State’s value of grains.

The initiative seeks to identify key value-add opportunities for development of consumer facing products in areas where WA has comparative advantage within the grains industry. Its aim is to engage with the WA grower group network to assess interest, capability and development potential for the key opportunity areas that have been identified or other grains related opportunities.

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