Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

Virtual Field Days

This project used innovative new technology in communication to capture and extend new varieties being trialed as part of the SEPWA trials program.

The Esperance region already has a more rapid adoption of new genetics in our cropping systems due to the SEPWA variety trials. This project further enhanced this process by providing in-season mapping and updates using innovative mapping and web based technology.

This enabled all growers from across…

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PA helping pH – using PA technology for long term pH management

Low pH, acidic soils, adversely limit yield potential by reducing root development, preventing crops from accessing nutrients and soil water at subsoil depths. Lime application is crucial for overall soil health and producing sufficient yielding crops. However, across the paddock soil types vary which in turn also means pH varies, changing the lime requirements. Therefore understanding the spatial variability of your paddocks is key to knowing…

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Blue gum reality

The removal of blue gum plantations In the Esperance Port Zone will more than likely leave farmers with paddocks which will be at risk environmentally.

This includes loss of soil structure and biology from the removal process; wind and water erosion due to “depressed crop and pasture productivity”; and nutrient leeching of applied fertilizer with possible impacts on water ways.

To assist farmers convert from blue gums, SEPWA will document other…

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DIY PA Project

During the second half of 2012 SEPWA documented the current status of variable rate technology (VRT) adoption and mobile device technology in relation to the WA grain growing industry.  This project found high usage rates of smart phones and tablet devices amongst many in the WA grain growing industry. A high ownership rate of mobile devices (mainly the Ipad) means this technology allows immediate opportunities for in-paddock utilisation.…

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Fallowing Fallows

“Fallowing Fallows” is funded through the Council of Grain Growers Organisations Limited (COGGO) Research fund.

The project will assess the agronomic and economic factors involved in the chemical fallowing of four paddocks across the medium to low rain regions in the EPZ. Two paddocks in the Ravensthorpe area will be managed by RAIN while SEPWA will manage two sites at Cascade and Salmon Gums.

Choosing a profitable break crop from cereals in the…

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