Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

The cool damp conditions that can be experienced during the harvest period on the south coast often leads to delayed harvest and reduced yield, quality and profit. As one of the key ways to improving grain quality in the Esperance Port Zone, SEPWA and the CBH Group have joined in a partnering a project to promote earlier harvest via high moisture grain handling.

The project is run by Nigel Metz and aims to increase grain quality grown on the…

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This is a pasture phase farming systems project focused on the Esperance Sandplain. It originated out of a need for more monitoring and evaluation of the new ryegrass pasture varieties such as the Hybrid, Biennial, Tetraploid, Italian and Perennial Ryegrasses that are now being sown in the region.

The project will aim to determine the NRM benefits of these pastures in terms of their suitability to be part of a pasture phase farming system in the…

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More than Trees and Fences Project Case Studies

In order to ensure the future sustainability of farms, farmers in the Esperance Port Zone are integrating production and natural resource management (NRM) on their properties.

To highlight some of the local success stories, SEPWA along with Esperance Regional Forum (ERF) initiated the “More than Trees and Fences” project.

The report focuses on the stories of four local Esperance farmers and their achievements in combining NRM and production and…

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Path to Purity - The first steps in Grower variety purity testing for malt barley

As part of the ongoing work to improve grain quality from the Esperance port zone, SEPWA initiated a project to trial emerging DNA genetic marker technology for varietal puritytesting in malting barley.

The project compared two methodologies of DNA technology as well as older grain protein analysis technology in determining genetic purity of barley seed samples. Over the course of the project SEPWA found that at this stage the DNA based…

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