Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

Agronomy Jigsaw - Finding the pieces that maximise water use efficiency.
Left to right, David Hall from DAFWA and SEPWA Project Officer, Nigel Metz discuss the Agronomy Jigsaw project. (Please note Nigel was involved in Movember at the time of this photo).

This project will assist grain growers to maximise the benefit of their inputs which will improve the efficiency of production and reduce potential waste of inputs and increase water use efficiency. The project will be run over three years and focus on a range…

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Is the health of farming families being put at risk with exposure to farm chemicals inside the family home? The South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA) teamed up with the Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health (CUCRH) to investigate the concerns about the possible transmission of chemical residue to other farm family members. With exposure to farm chemicals one of the biggest occupational risks of farmers and their employees,…

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