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Three recipients in 2018 - thanks to further funding from Farm and General
Three university scholarship winners were announced this year due to a record number of applicants.
The original scholarship, launched in 2016 is in memory of Rob Ashman who took his life in 2015. This scholarship is to raise awareness of depression in rural Australia and build capacity in the industry. The Rob Ashman Scholarship is a combined initiative of SEPWA and Hassad…

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Internet access in rural Australia

It comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in rural Australia to hear that we pay a lot more than our regional counterparts for unreliable internet access that is frustratingly slow. And in recent years, as more people have purchased mobile devices, the issue of data accessibility has worsened.

A survey into the situation was recently done by SEPWA as part of the COGGO project - "SEPWA Farm Scale WiFi - The Future of Data for WA Grain Farmers".…

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