Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

Many of our projects have been funded from the following organisations. Their support is invaluable to the group's ability to promote local research and extension of information to Esperance Port Zone farmers.

coggo COGGO is a public company formed at the initiative of a group of Western Australian grain growers originally concerned at the inadequate resources being allocated to plant breeding and biotechnology in Western Australia, and who wanted to have a greater say in breeding crop varieties for Western Australian grain growers. Since December 2011 COGGO is now a general R&D funder. COGGO now facilitates grants to applicants who can demonstrate an innovative idea which may benefit the grain industry in Western Australia and/or improve the profitability of grain growers in part or all of Western Australia 

Condensed20landscape20logo20PMS341 DPIRD assists the State's Agriculture, Food and Fibre sector to be sustainable and profitable, with a clear focus on export-led growth. The Department enhances the international competitiveness of the State's agribusiness by working with them to meet the increasingly demanding standards for safety and quality of food and fibre products produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

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The Grains Research and Development Corporation is one of the world's leading grains research organisations, responsible for planning, investing and overseeing research and development, delivering improvements in production, sustainability and profitability across the Australian grains industry.