Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers

 AcCLIMATise is a project offered by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA across the Wheatbelt to improve growers ability to mangae climate risk. The project aims to assist local grain growers to improve their returns by matching nitrogen and cropping inputs to potential yield. The project is also supported by SEPWA and the Commonwealth Government, through the LWA.

Through this page the Esperance Office of the Department will report on the current and future weather events and will present results from decision support tools which include Yield Prophet (which uses the APSIM model) to estimate yeild; and water use efficiency method through Potential Yield Calculator (PYCAL) to estimate yield potential on the day and responses to various weather and management scenarios. We expect to be able to issue updates about every five weeks during the season by logging into with the user name sepwa and password sepwa.

Throughout the growing season we will monitor seven sites across the Esperance region with these tools to give estimates of yield and potential responses to nitrogen applications. Growers are also invited to view reports generated in Yield Prophet for these. These sites are:

  1. Salmon Gums - Circle Valley sand, a shallow grey alkaline duplex.
  2. Neridup - Deep Fleming, a deep sandy duplex.
  3. Cascade - Circle Valley Loam, a shallow grey alkaline duplex.
  4. Mt Madden - a shallow grey alkaline duplex.
  5. Hopetoun- 3 sites with varying soils:
    • H: A shallow duplex
    • M: A shallow duplex
    • L: Fleming gravel, a shallow sand over gravel

A full physical and chemical analysis of soil samples from each site has been undertaken, and those analyses are being put into Yield Prophet to provide the model's yield predictions for future releases of this bulletin.

We gratefully acknowledge the willingness of the following growers to allow their sites to be used in this project: Manfred and Viola Barz, Owen and Terri Brownley, Dave and Sally Cox, the Graham family and Stott and Charmaine Redman.