Improving the profitability & sustainability of Esperance port zone grain growers
What is the weed seed destruction from burning?

Research by Peter Newman and Dr. Michael Walsh from AHRI has quantified weed seed destruction by burning. We know that to destroy 100% of ryegrass requires 400oC for 10 seconds and 400oC for 30 seconds for wild radish. Other grass weeds are likely to be in this range. When we burn a narrow windrow we typically destroy 100% of the weed seeds as there is often 20 to 30t/ha of dry matter in the windrow…

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Burnt Crop and GerminationBurnt Crop and Germination
By: Ben Curtis, Farmanco

Many unharvested crops that were burnt in the fire have had all of the straw and leaves burnt but have left the heads charred, intact but on the ground.

When you rub the grain out of the heads it looks mainly sound with some burnt sections. I have conducted a germination test on this grain to see how much has remained viable. It appears that only a very small percentage of this grain (1% or…

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In the paddock after the fireIn the Paddock after the Fire – On the Road to Recovery
By Luke Marquis, South East Agronomy Services

Currently in and around the fire affected areas of the Esperance port zone there are a multitude of various emotions, jobs to do, assessments to be undertaken, forms to fill out, and moral and physical support to be provided. But one of the most visual and in many instances disturbing images is the bare state in which the fire has left one of…

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Farm Biosecurity issues post fire

The current emergency situation in the Esperance region will pose some biosecurity issues for a number of farmers affected by the fires.

It is about being able to balance what needs to be done in the most practical way to care for livestock and paddocks while limiting the introduction of new pests onto the property.

Growers having to bring grain and feed onto their property will need to put in place a plan to…

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After the Fire – Points for Consideration

By Phil Smyth and Ben Curtis, Farmanco


The events of Tuesday the 17th of November 2015 near Cascade, Grass Patch and Scaddan have left widespread damage and destruction and left many growers wondering how to deal with the already apparent threat of wind and water erosion over the summer period.

At present the main objective for all growers is to concentrate on the immediate task of completing…

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